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Why are we so passionate about educating and developing leaders?

We firmly believe that education is a key component to breaking the cycle of poverty.

It is estimated that 60% of the Guatemalan population does not graduate from elementary school, and rural communities suffer from up to 70% illiteracy. In the highlands of Guatemala, where the population is mainly indigenous, these statistics are a reality that affects the daily life and indeed the future of nearly every family.

PILAS offers a clear vision of the future for young people who aspire to receive a higher education but face significant barriers to development.

PILAS provides daily hot nutritious lunches, education/reinforcement with a Christian worldview, and extracurricular/cultural activities and events that encourage learning.

Education is more than opening the pages of a book. It’s about opening up a world of opportunity!

“Guatemala has among many of its privileges a large youth population mixed with ethnic and cultural diversity. Even so, most of their young, especially in rural areas, do not have opportunities to access good education and decent employment opportunities.

In this study it is shown that if we do not act now, the situation of youth in Guatemala and the country may worsen. It’s time to look at youth as the main asset of the nation. We have to give them education and the opportunity to develop their creative and innovative potential with an entrepreneurial sense and work to build a new country, fair and equitable.”

(Source: 2011 study by the Guatemalan government and the European Union)

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