Missions Vision Trips

Are you looking for an opportunity to give your small group an experience in cross-cultural missions?

Are you a lead pastor or missions committee member who wants to learn how to help your congregation get involved strategically in missions?

Do you want a mission trip that goes beyond voluntourism and is strategically designed to really help the long-term missionaries?

If you answered YES! to any of these questions, then a short term missions journey with PILAS Student Ministry is the place for you!

For information please contact: [email protected]

For more information download: PILAS Opportunities to Serve

There are many opportunities to serve with PILAS in Guatemala. To learn more about what your group could do check out these videos!

Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church Team – March 2019

East Toronto Chinese Baptist Church Team – March 2017

2016 Missions Vision Trip

Aug 2017 Team