We know what some of you might be thinking:

what in the world is a ‘pila’?

In Guatemala, a ‘pila’ is a term used to identify someone with great potential; a go-getter, bright, eager to succeed in life. There are many ‘pilas’ in rural Guatemala who don’t have the opportunities to develop their God given talents, intelligence and leadership abilities because of poor economic conditions, discrimination against their indigenous heritage, and family situations. It was a slam-dunk when we were contemplating a ministry name:

PILAS – Preparando e Inspirando Líderes Adolescentes de Sumpango (Preparing and Inspiring Adolescent Leaders of Sumpango).

PILAS exists to reach adolescents, impact lives, and transform communities. We aspire to help rise up a generation of world shakers and changers!


Gerry Laughing with the young men  

  Sack Race