Sumpango Outreach Strategy

What does Guatemala’s population look like?

According to indexmundi.com roughly 53% is under the age of 25.

Teens and young adults in Guatemala are eager to learn more about Jesus Christ.

They are seeking depth, diversity, impact, and how to have an authentic faith.

Our goal is that through unique outreach programs, we are able to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their Godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the word of God and prayer, passion for sharing the love of Christ, and commitment to social involvement.

We believe that PILAS can be the bridge for Sumpango teens and young adults to engage in the community and be ambassadors for Jesus Christ.

As a result, PILAS’ outreach tentacles are intentionally stretching further and deeper into the municipality.


ALPHA is an evangelistic course which seeks to introduce the basics of the Christian faith through a series of talks and discussions.

It is described by its organisers as “an opportunity to explore the meaning of life”.

Millions of people have participated in ALPHA in more than 100 countries and in more than 100 languages.

PILAS seeks out those who are not attending a church to participate in ALPHA with the goal of starting a Bible study group or prepping budding leaders to guide a subsequent ALPHA small group.

Since our arrival in Guatemala, we have had the privilege of hosting many sessions of ALPHA be it in CASA PILAS, the surrounding villages of Sumpango, or local educational institutions.

As well, we’ve had the honor of training up leaders or mentoring churches to host ALPHA where they are. This includes a church in the Pacific coast town of Sipacate, a local church in an indigenous village of Sumpango, and a church passionate in reaching youth and young adults in a neighbouring town with three concurrent ALPHA sessions.

Common comments we hear from ALPHA participants:

  • I am learning a ton. The teaching styles are fresh and unique.
  • Why aren’t we asking these types of soul-searching questions in my church?
  • Why can’t I step outside the four walls of my church and serve others?
  • I want to do more.

UN NUEVO ENCUENTRO (A NEW ENCOUNTER) is normally held during but not limited to Holy Week. The event recalls the events that led to the death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion and His resurrection.

Twelve stations enable us to reflect on His actions and messages, pondering where we ‘fit’ in the greatest story ever told by living as His disciples in today’s world.

As participants wrestle with these questions, they are invited to ALPHA SUMPANGO which helps them understand their greater purpose in life.


Volunteering has many benefits.

It can bring meaning and purpose to your life, increasing your self-esteem and leadership skills, and have a positive impact on your community.

In John 13:15, Jesus sets an example for us to follow.

After washing His disciples’ feet — an act of love, humility, and service — He encourages us to follow His lead and serve one another.

“I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you,” Jesus says.

PILAS partners with a local organization that serves breakfast every Wednesday morning to the homeless, elderly and those suffering from alcohol dependence.

As our outreach tentacles spread out further into the community, we are inviting youth and adults to come join us in serving the marginalized.