PILAS Leadership

The creation of the PILAS LEARNING & FUN CLUB in 2021 is a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The closure of public schools has had adverse psychological and social effects on children, leading to higher depression and lower development of socio-emotional skills.

The program provides a holistic approach to education, addressing students’ academic, social and emotional needs.

Professional Christian teachers help nearly 185 students understand their homework and provide additional academic content, particularly in the tougher subjects like mathematics and language and communication.

Creative and energetic monthly themes provide a fun, social and secure environment for them to feel supported and loved, and learn about Jesus.

We endeavor to develop healthy trusting relationships with students and families, seeking to support the family unit through regular activities, parent training and psychological support.

In 2023 God sent us an amazing Clinical Psychologist to help with the psychological needs of the students. She has been a tremendous resource for us as she works one-on-one with a select number of students who desperately need help to cope with serious personal and family issues they are experiencing at such a young age.

PILAS Beyond Tutoring Club​

At home, together with the distractions there, most kids may struggle to complete their assignments. The BEYOND TUTORING CLUB provides a quiet, structured, safe environment for middle school students to complete their homework with the help of highly qualified instructors and mentors.

The BEYOND TUTORING CLUB teachers generate good study habits in students as well as support, cheer on, and provide feedback which help the students define and reach their goals.

The students feel comfortable and happy being part of a social place where they have the chance to grow while developing their communication abilities.

A mentee’s spiritual development and closer relationship with God can benefit from a BEYOND TUTORING CLUB mentor’s guidance, accountability, and encouragement.