CLUB CONEXIÓN is a weekly youth group in the different villages of Sumpango. We collaborate with the local schools, using their classrooms to host CLUB.
CLUB provides a safe, loving, and wholesome atmosphere for young people that help them connect with God and one another. 

CLUB dialogues with the schools’ teachers on a regular basis to help reinforce their efforts in the classroom by teaching Spanish, Mathematics, and English.

Activities are planned for children in grades five and higher that are fun and interactive, helping them discover who Jesus Christ is, encouraging them to follow Him, and live a life that honours Him.

Kids interact with CLUB Leaders, many who are prior PILAS scholarship recipients, that authentically model the Christian faith. It is a place for young people to develop values, ethical norms, and a sense of Christian community regardless of their faith background.

Our goal is to develop relationships with adolescents and their families, walk alongside them in life situations, and help them grow in their own faith. Through these relationships we are also able to identify/nurture future leaders through scholarships in our Education program.